Friday, August 6, 2010

Congratulations Founder's Fair Winners!!

During the very successful Founder's Fair held on Sunday, August 1st, many guests participated in several drawings. Below is a list of winners:

50/50 - Donna Gerhardt

Money Tree - Cheryl Moltrup

Quilt - Judy Koehler - Thank you to Hannah Pollard-Brandt for the wonderful donation of this beautiful handmade quilt!

Door Prize - Rob Brien

Golfer's Dream Package -
* Oak Hill - Don DeFelice
* Niagara Frontier Country Club - Jeff McDonough
* White Birch - Steve Hawley
* Shelridge - Bill Kingsley
* Mill Creek - Wayne Christy
* Byrncliff - Wayne Christy

Baskets -
Jerry Albertson
Jen Batt
Rob Brien
Tammy Caldwell
Mindy Chrzan
Pat Eick
Eric Fox
Joan Grein
Michael Halstead
Anne Halstead
Steve Hawley
Debbie Heuer
Marlene Hill
Gary Hill
Casey Holloway
Jeff McDonough
Joe Moltrup
Duane Montgomery
Grace Moon
Karen Neal
Jim Newton
Teresa Pawlak
Jerome Pawlak
Rosemary Pegelow
Sue Punch
Amanda Stryker
Mary Lou Tuohey
Nicole Tuohey
Libby Woodroe
Bea Young
Mike Zeliff

The Arc would also like to thank all of our many, many volunteers for their time and talents! Thank you also to FLAME for a phenomenal performance. Look for another article including photos very soon!