Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Abigail Sarkis Named February 2012 Rainbow Preschool Student of the Month

Abigail Sarkis was named the February 2012 Student of the Month! She was given this award because she has improved in so many ways over this past year - and she gives great hugs, too!

Abigail enjoys dancing to music, listening to stories, under the table coloring, and playing with her friends. Last year Abigail would shy away from others and become upset if anyone came near her and refuse to participate in physical activities. Now, with a smile as bright as her blond curly hair, Abigail is more comfortable with those around her, tries new physical activities, and does not need hand over hand assistance because she is willing to try new activities independently.

Abigail surprises us every day! Just recently, Abigail received a DynaVox Maestro that has allowed her to interact with both adults and students. She is now able to use words to communicate her wants and needs. We did not think it was possible, but Abigail’s smile grew even bigger and brighter when she was having fun learning how to navigate her DynaVox and was able to find her voice through her new words. From her dancing to communicating with others, Abigail is not only growing as a student, but as an individual. She is our shining star and we are so proud of her!

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