Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp Rainbow Benefits from Spell-A-Thon Fundraisers

Each year, students from Ronald Sodoma Elementary School in Albion and Holley Elementary School participate in a very special event that raises money for The Arc's Camp Rainbow, a summer day camp in Lyndonville.  Beginning in March and going into June, the students are involved in a Spell-A-Thon which includes getting and collecting pleges, taking a 100-word spelling test, and ends with a fun day for all.
Students from the Albion second grade have been partnering with The Arc for well over twenty-five years by taking part in the Spell-A-Thon.  This year the students raised over $6,100 for Camp Rainbow.  The top student was Nicholas Harling; he raised $607.  Mrs. Werner's class raised the most money of the six second grade classes at Albion and enjoyed a pizza party as a thank you.  The entire second grade enjoyed a "Camp Day" at their school on Tuesday, June 18th, with fun activities including story and video time, crafting, music, and games. 
Albion 2nd grade teachers
The Holley third grade students recently completed their Spell-A-Thon activities and raised almost $1,200 for Camp Rainbow.  Their top student was Alexis Blosenhauer who raised $370.  Mrs. Sevenski's class enjoyed a pizza party for raising the most money.  Unfortunately, their field trip was rained out this year. 
Holley 3rd grade teachers and Alexis Blosenhauer, top student
The Arc of Orleans County would like to thank all the teachers, students, parents, family, and friends who supported the Albion and Holley Spell-A-Thons!!


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