Friday, February 1, 2013

The Songs for NYSARC & The Artists

We hope that you've had a chance to visit our Songs for NYSARC page and have been inspired to share these songs with everyone you know to help create more compassion for those with a developmental disability.

In addition to creating awareness, we'd love to create the first Gold Record inspired by people with developmental disabilities, and with your help we can do it! Just visit our page where you can buy downloads and make a donation at Songs for NYSARC.

We sincerely appreciate any support you can offer to help reach our goal and we hope you enjoy the music!

Please read below for some information on the wonderful artists involved in the Songs for NYSARC Campaign. We encourage you to visit their websites and learn more about them.

Liz Longley - "I Am"
In the short time since her graduation from Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music, singer-songwriter Liz Longley has assembled an impressive resume. While best known for her stop-you-in-your-tracks voice, Liz has steadily developed a reputation as an accomplished songwriter, crafting intimately personal portraits through her music. In the past two years, Liz has taken home top prizes at some of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the country, including the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship Competition, the International Acoustic Music Awards and the Rocky Mountain Folk Fest Songwriting Competition.

A Philadelphia native, Liz recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she has quickly made her presence known throughout Music City. In addition to writing more than forty songs with some of the best songwriters in the business, Liz has also managed to keep up her seemingly never-ending touring schedule, playing over a hundred shows in the last year. To learn more go to
Kesleah Hall - "Wonderful"
Kesleah has been singing since she was three. At the end of her sophomore year in high school she was offered the chance of a lifetime. Her vocal coach set up an interview with Jamie Kiner of Word Records. She went to the interview, sang for her, and the next thing she knew she was invited to spend an entire week in Nashville writing songs and recording demos with the pros!

Little did she know that week would change her life forever. On Friday of that week she performed and interviewed for their entire panel, including the president of Word Records, and on her way home she got an amazing phone call saying they wanted her to sign with their label. Since then she's been working on her debut album.

In the mean time she's also attending Belmont University and working as a session singer doing jingles, demos and making connections in the music industry.

Kortney & Dave - "Because of You"
We've met the Wilsons, watched them flip out, and they’ve taken our requests. Now, Kortney & Dave are back in the forefront with new music. With three – yes, three - hit shows on CMT Canada, they felt it was time to get back to doing what they love the most, performing for their fans. "We always saw the TV success as a great way for our fans to hear our music. But, we are still two kids who moved to Nashville to write songs and play music and it's time to get back to the heart of it", says Dave.
Kortney & Dave arrived in Nashville within a week of each other from their native Ontario, both pursuing solo careers. As fate would have it, they met each other soon after at Deric Ruttan’s farm. As the old saying goes, they have been inseparable ever since. After both testing the waters with solo projects, they felt their true musical harmony was with each other and so was born The Wilsons. More...

Terry Vital - Terry Vital Music - "We're Just the Same"
Although a musician all her life, Terry has only recently shifted her interest to develop as a singer-songwriter. Her style falls mostly in the contemporary folk, AC, and singer-songwriter genres.

Her music has been licensed for commercials, independent film, and US and Canadian television programs, documentaries and reality shows that air on networks including ABC, NBC, PBS, MTV, The Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Planet X and Canadian Networks.

Terry is a composer/lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, with guitar as her main instrument. Her 25-plus years in the advertising and broadcast environments combined with a Master's Certificate in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music give her a unique insight into composing and producing commercial and brand music.
Her experience writing for the short form commercial format has been expanded to include original instrumental compositions for film and television soundtracks. More...

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