Friday, October 16, 2015

Rainbow Preschool Children at Play

Several children at Albion Rainbow Preschool were recently enjoying their time in the Socio-Dramatic Play Center.  This room was created in memory of Rachel Miller, a speech therapist at the Preschool for 15 years.

The Play Center is a theme based room where the children can interact with their environment in pretend play that simulates real-world situations. Currently the room is set up as a grocery store complete with pretend food, a cash register, and minature grocery carts.  The theme of the room is periodically changed.  It has also been set up as a pizza parlor, space, a farm market, and coming soon "fire fighting".

Playing is not only fun, it helps with cognitive skill development, promotes social and emotional skills, increases speech and language skills, and helps the children to practice fine and gross motor skills.

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